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Note: There is a very active group of dedicated p2pool'ers on this discussion board that freely offer their knowledge and help. This is the first and best place to look for p2pool advice and support.


P2Pool wiki:
Official p2pool site:
Historical p2pool mining info:
Setting up merged-mining (Ubuntu):
Single script setup of p2pool node with all supported merge-mined coins:
Original p2pool merge mining setup thread:
Comparison of p2pool, Eligius and BTCGuild:
Relay Node:

Source Code

Main GitHub:
Forrest's original p2pool source:
Rav3n's fork (lots of alt coins):
Roy7's vardiff patch:
Matt Corallo's Relay Node:
Matt's fork of p2pool with relay node built in:

Front Ends

Extended Front End:
roy7's p2pool node status:
Justino's "Punchy" Front End: